New Kids On The Block’s Donnie Wahlberg Had The Best Comeback To A Malicious Post Targeting BTS

Boy banders stick together!

BTS recently held their four-day PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

From left: BTS’s V, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

With sold-out shows every night, ARMYs had been beyond excited for this event. It’s been two years since in-person concerts with BTS, so who can blame us?

Last “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert in L.A. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Well, of course, some people aren’t happy.

NFL (The National Football League) writer and podcaster Dan Hanzus quote tweeted one of Jin‘s posts, featuring his adorable “bear ears” hairstyle. Unlike most quote tweets, his message was not one of adoration but of bitterness. He complained about BTS continuing to play concerts at his “office” and requested “bad boys” of other boy bands to “flush them out.” 

ARMY was having none of this at all.

Hanzus called on all “bad boys” from senior boy bands to come to drive out BTS from the stadium. Yet, all boy bands are not only friendly with BTS but are fans of the group too!

Backstreet Boys with BTS. | @backstreetboys/Twitter
News Kids on the Block with BTS. | @NKOTB/Twitter

So, jokes on him.

Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman and his daughter with BTS. | @shawnstockman/Twitter
Tweet about New Edition talking about BTS. | @APEntertainment/Twitter

Hanzus dug his own grave by even tagging one of these said boy band “bad boys,” New Kids on the Block (also known as NKOTB) member and actor Donnie Wahlberg. He must not have done his research before tweeting because Wahlberg himself is a fan of BTS!

Old photo of Donnie Wahlberg. | ZTAMS

He’s been known to rock a BTS T-shirt…

| @nkotb/Instagram

…or two. He even walked the 2021 American Music Awards red carpet in an official Love Yourself T-shirt from BTS’s world tour!

| @AMAs/Facebook

He also met the group while wearing their merch. Beyond iconic!

Wahlberg has only had nice things to say about BTS. He frequently shows love to the group.

I was proud to wear their T-shirt on the red carpet and am more proud that I did after meeting them. They were a true example of how to #LoveYourself and how that love allows you to love everyone else! 💜

— Donnie Wahlberg

And so when he got tagged in a malicious post targeted towards BTS, he did what any ARMY would do: he stood up for them and shut Hanzus down big time!

Wahlberg quote tweeted Hanzus’ original post with a photo of himself, rocking his Love Yourself T-shirt, proudly declaring his love for BTS. He retorted, “Sorry, but this ‘Bad Boy’ loves #BTS — so I can’t help you with your ‘problem’.” 

| @DonnieWahlberg/Twitter

Like the nice guy he is, Wahlberg then sent a personal invitation to Hanzus to join the ARMY. He understands that if anyone were to really know BTS, there’s no possible way one can hate!

Maybe you should just embrace the epicness & join the #BTSARMY yourself.

— Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg in “Blue Bloods.” | CBS via @DonnieWahlberg/Twitter

He concluded his post by tagging both BTS accounts with two wholesome hashtags: #BoyBandLove and #Respect. You can’t forget the purple heart emoji either! He’s true ARMY, after all.

Boy banders stick together!

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Source: @DonnieWahlberg

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