This New K-Pop Group’s Youngest Member Is 27 Years Old

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As more K-Pop groups debut, the ages of the members are often brought up when discussing the impact of the industry on the idols. Earlier this year, there was much debate over NewJeanspromotion activities as all of the members were underage at the time to the point of suggesting age restrictions.

NewJeans | ADOR

Many iconic idols like BoA and SHINee‘s Taemin also got their start in the industry at extremely young ages, thirteen and fourteen, respectively.

SHINee’s Taemin

However, as the amount of K-Pop fans around the world increases and diversifies, the number of older K-Pop fans looking to stan older groups does as well.

There are a few idols, like OnlyOneOf‘s KB, who debuted at 27 years old and has already completed his military service, for fans to check out, though he is the oldest in the group.

OnlyOneOf’s KB | Naver

A newly debuted group may be the perfect one to stan as their youngest member is actually 27 years old in Korean age!

New group XEED recently made their debut on December 1 with the mini album Dream Land. The group is under Nature Space Entertainment and consists of four members: DOHA, BAO, JAEMIN, and RONI.

DOHA, the group’s leader and vocalist, is 30 years old internationally and was the first of the members to be introduced on XEED’s Twitter account. He appeared on BOYS24, a survival show, and was very popular, but ultimately did not make the final group, IN2IT.

Another vocalist, RONI, is 28 years old internationally and previously was a member of a pre-debut group, Off The Cuff.

The group’s main rapper and visual is BAO. He was a member of the group LUCENTE until April 2021, when his contract expired, and is 26 years old internationally.

Finally, the youngest member and main dancer is Jaemin, who is also 26 years old internationally. He was a contestant on BOYS24 and has been a backup dancer for groups like TXT, BTS, ONF, and Stray Kids.

XEED were able to make their debut after successfully crowdfunding on the Rising Star platform, where they successfully raised over ₩36.0 million KRW (about $27,600 USD).

| Rising Star

If you want to learn more about the group, you can check out their Twitter or TikTok accounts!


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