New Photos of EXO’s D.O. in the Military Revealed

D.O. appears to be thriving in the military!

In recent days, photos of EXO‘s D.O. and his fellow soldiers went viral in online communities.

The photos show D.O. in his military wear, while also flaunting black-framed glasses and a shaved head.

What fans were relieved to see was how cute and happy D.O. looks while he serves in the military.

In addition to the selfies, a photo of autographs on both a military uniform and paper belonging to a fellow soldier who was about to be released was also shared.

Stay healthy! Congrats on being discharged!

– D.O.

D.O enlisted in the military last July, meaning he is set to be discharged in January 2021.

Some of the comments to the new photos include “He’s so cute“, “He looks so lovable even with that haircut“, “Seeing photos of him makes me miss him more“, and “I’m glad he seems to be doing well“.

Fans are anxiously waiting for D.O’s return to music and acting, but until then, these photos will have to do!

Source: Insight