This New Survival Reality Show’s Oldest Trainee Is 35 Years Old

Contestants must be 18 to join the show, according to the rules.

Since the Produce series’s creation, there has been more survival reality shows that sometimes feature dozens of trainees competing and hoping to debut as part of the show’s winning team. The upcoming Boys Planet is one such series.

These types of shows are not limited to just Korea — similar shows have occurred in China, Japan, and other regions. Stars like Chinese-African singer and model Zhong Feifei gained a lot of attention after her appearance on Produce Camp 2020, China’s version of Produce 101. 

Zhong Feifei | Produce Camp 2020

The latest rendition of King Maker, Hong Kong’s own survival series, has recently gained attention after the trainees’ introduction.

“King Maker 5” | MakerVille

King Maker was introduced in 2018 as part of ViuTV‘s program, Good Night Show. The first season introduced 99 trainees, mentored by stars Eric Kwok and Mayao Ma, who hoped to be the next big Cantopop star.

From the show’s finalists, the group MIRROR was formed.

MIRROR | Music Nation Group

King Maker is now its fifth rendition, King Maker V, and recently held an event where it introduced trainees and shared their profiles and photos online.

| Koreaboo

One aspected of the show that is widely different from many other survival-based trainee programs is its age requirement — the rules state you must be at least 18 years old to join the show. Survival shows in Korea have had trainees as young as eleven compete and debut.

| ViuTV

While many King Maker V trainees are in their late teens to mid-twenties, several are over 30 years old, with the oldest competitor, Adam Sang, being 35 years old.

Lyman Heung, 32 years old. | ViuTV

Andy, 31 years old. | ViuTV

Adam Sang, 35 years old. | ViuTV

Adam Sang performing | Koreaboo

While this is a refreshing change from the ongoing issue of stars debuting at young ages, netizens are not too impressed by King Maker V‘s line-up.

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  • Are they playing a joke with this picture?
  • He looks like a Chicken McNugget

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  • Sticking your tongue out isnt attractive, and his expression is as if he’s in pain after biting his tongue
  • Do you really think this expression looks good?

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  • It was tough going through all of the photos to get to this last one, finally someone who looks normal

Will you be tuning in to King Maker V?