Japanese Youths Are Sticking Straws Up Their McDonalds

There is a new trend in Japan called ‘hamburger x straw’ or ‘hamburger straw’ and it is all about sticking McDonald’s burgers on straws over drinks!

Pictures of this new trend are spreading all over social media and making it go viral.

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Most of the people that are forming part of this new trend seem to be women, and some even call it the new ‘girly’ way of eating. 

“A girly thing to do is go to MacDonald’s and sticking your drink’s straw up your hamburger”

— @natsu_shuhei

Although it looks like a bizarre trend, it has come to be a food hack, allowing costumers to hold their drink and burger in one hand. 

However, the trend didn’t stop there. People decided to change it around and some are sticking donuts on their coffee straws!

Some people have expressed discomfort over this new trend, saying that it is a bit nasty to have food stuck on your drink’s straw. 

“What’s cute about this? This is trending? We should just stop this trend. Stabbing it on purpose. Even if we are are both highschoolers, there are things I don’t know. I can only think this is dirty and childish. I know the straw is going to be full of hamburger bits. These types of things make my appetite go away.”

— @meruchasononon

Who knew food and straws could be such good friends!

Source: Kotaku

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