“Face Of An Angel, Body Of The Devil” — NewJeans’ Hanni Gains Attention For Her Unexpected Curves

Don’t be fooled by her babyface.

NewJeansHanni is known for her cute and bubbly image. Although she’s one of the oldest members of the group, her babyface betrays her!

The babyface also masks another attribute of Hanni’s — her insane body! Not only does she have the most perfect shoulderline…

…she also boasts some abs!

| @newjeansroom/x

Her abs are especially obvious when she is dancing. Abs are one thing…

…but her waist-to-hip ratio is simply a work of art!

| @dollphams/x

She’s so unreal! Hanni quickly went viral for her body.

Her waist-to-hip ratio deserves to be studied.

Fans have also previously pointed out that Hanni just might be the true definition of “sexy cutie!” A cute, babyface, paired with a glamorous body!

Face, body, talent, personality — check! Hanni is the full package.