NewJeans’s Hanni Confirms The Clip From The Introduction Video Was From Her Audition Video

Who can resist those cute little cheeks!

Ever since NewJeans has made their surprise debut, there has been nonstop talk about these girls! Most recently, member Hanni, who is also the first Vietnamese idol to debut under HYBE, gained much attention for some photos that were posted online.


A K-Pop fan community posted a screenshot of a young Hanni online. Turns out, this scene was from the group’s introduction video that was released earlier.

A fan who was lucky enough to have a video call event with her, asked about the photo and found out that it was actually a clip from her audition video!

Fans who saw the photos could not stop talking about just how cute she was!

  • “Omg she’s so cute like a marshmallow!”
  • “Oh my goodness she is so cute!”
  • “Wow there was no way they could not choose her!”
  • “She’s still a baby now but she looks like a real baby back then.”

Check out the introduction video to see for yourself!

Source: instiz