NewJeans Hyein’s Brother Is So Handsome That Netizens Want Him To Be A Part Of The Next ADOR Boy Group

He looks just like her!

NewJeansHyein may be the maknae in the group, but she’s also the maknae at home. She has an older brother and an older sister. While her sister has not yet been revealed to the public, her older brother has appeared in various photos with Hyein.

As Hyein used to be a child model, her Instagram page was run by her mother. Hyein’s mother would upload cute shots of both her children.

Hyein and her brother. | theqoo

Although the photos have since been deleted, the internet is forever! Fans of the pre-debut Hyein had saved a few photos.

Hyein and her brother. | theqoo

Her brother is said to have been born in 2005, making him three years older than Hyein. His name is said to be Sung Min.

Hyein and her brother. | theqoo

Fans were stunned by how much they look alike.

When he smiles, he looks exactly like her!

In fact, Hyein’s brother is so handsome that netizens want him to be a part of ADOR’s next boy group.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Is her brother just an ordinary person… It’s too much of a pity…
  • Would it be possible for him to join NewJeans’ company ADOR’s new boy group…?
  • He’s handsome, brr.
  • Wow, they look so similar.
  • His aura is daebak.
  • They are both so pretty.
  • What the, are they twins?
  • Is he not going to be a celebrity?
  • He’s handsome. He’s really the male version of Hyein.

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that he may have interest in the celebrity world. Hyein’s brother once acted with her for an online skit. You can watch him in the clip below!

Source: Theqoo