Here Is Why NewJeans Minji’s Visuals Are So Popular Amongst Longtime Fans Of K-Pop

It goes beyond the “innocent” vibe.

NewJeans has barely debuted but they’re already a hot topic. Their beauty in particular have been stealing everyone’s hearts, with fans unable to pick who’s the “visual member” of the group. Everyone is gorgeous in a unique way! While Hanni is known to be round and adorable…

Danielle is often praised for her infectious sunshine smile.

Haerin looks like a precious baby cat…

…and Hyein looks just like a model.

Minji has also been going viral with many likening her side profile to Olivia Hussey. But what makes her so popular amongst longtime fans of K-Pop is not her strikingly high nose bridge, but her unique aura.

Longtime K-Pop fans who have been here throughout the generations of K-Pop starting from OG girl groups Fin.K.L and  S.E.S have put Minji’s visuals in the same line as Eugene and Lee Hyori (at time of debut). They have dubbed her the “fairy visual“, thanks to her aura which is a mesh of handsome, cute, pretty and innocent!

Eugene at her time of debut.

Lee Hyori’s debut days. | instiz

Comparing her visuals with the OG “fairies“, both Minji and her sunbaes share some common characteristics. Large, round eyes without a prominently high double eyelid, clear and smooth skin, as well as heart-shaped lips. A high but harmonious nose bridge is also part of the deal. Although fancy and opulent faces are considered trendy these days, Minji’s pure and clean visuals make her very popular amongst longtime K-Pop fans. It’s no surprise that Minji has been given the “first love” and “fairy” title by fans of NewJeans!

We can totally see where they’re coming from. Check out more of Minji’s unique visuals in her fancam below.