NewJeans Spill On The Unexpected Key To Their Close Group Dynamic

Their unique analogy shows the group members’ charming personalities.

NewJeans is preparing for their highly anticipated summer comeback, and ahead of dropping two pre-release tracks on July 7, the members sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about their surprise debut, what’s in store for their comeback, and the secret to their close group dynamic.

(From left:) NewJeans’ Hyein, Danielle, Minji, Haerin, and Hanni | Rolling Stone

As fans know, the group debuted last year without releasing any teasers, a risk that paid off as it seemed the world was eagerly wanting to know, “Who are they?

In fact, the group members’ names weren’t officially released until the day after they dropped their first single, “Attention,” and from then, the members quickly became household names.

Before debuting, our president would invite us each into her home for a meal, and there was one time she invited us over as a group… She asked us, ‘How would you want to roll out teasers for your debut?’ I think she was curious about what we would say. I just said, ‘I think it would be fun to just have no teaser at all,’ and she said ‘Oh? That’s actually what we’re planning on doing!’

— NewJeans’ Hyein

As the group approaches their first anniversary, the members’ close connection is evident to fans, and NewJeans shared the unexpected secret to their group dynamic.

In their interview with Rolling Stone, the members hilariously compared their group dynamic to a sandwich, explaining what they meant while assigning each member as an integral ingredient in the sandwich.

| @newjeans_ADOR/Twitter

Danielle was described with detail, as the members said she is “a mix of crunchy and fresh root vegetables and lettuce,” Hanni is the bread of the sandwich, Haerin is the avocado, Minji is the egg, and maknae Hyein represents the ham and cheese.

The charming members acknowledged that using those specific ingredients may not make a “traditional sandwich,” but each one is necessary.

| @newjeans_ADOR/Twitter

The sandwich analogy also lends itself to their pre-show ritual, as the members shared they always “squeeze their hands together” like a sandwich before going on stage.

Their adorable answer shows the youthful charm of the group, and they’re sure to keep fans captivated with their upcoming pre-release songs.

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Source: Rolling Stone