NewJeans’ Surprise Debut Wasn’t Always The Plan, According To ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin

“After much deliberation…”

Famed art director and CEO of HYBE‘s subsidiary label ADOR, Min Hee Jin, recently sat down for a rare interview with NHK, opening up about the popular fourth-generation girl group NewJeans as their creative director and producer.

(From left:) NewJeans’ Hanni, Hyein, Haerin, Danielle, and Minji | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

During her interview, Min Hee Jin opened up about her behind-the-scenes process working with the group, the company’s specific strategy that helped shape the five talented members into global superstars, and more.


NewJeans made their surprise debut in July 2022, releasing their first music video for “Attention” with no concept photos or trailers released in advance.

The then-rookie group followed up the successful single with their hit “Hype Boy” and four music videos filmed to showcase the members’ own storylines.

Min Hee Jin explained why they had made the unexpected move to debut without promoting the group beforehand.

She revealed that the team and members wanted to use the fact that they hadn’t revealed information about the members to their advantage. She added, “The more you conceal something, the more curiosity around it…

Though the surprise debut was a success, it wasn’t always the plan and was a strategy the team decided on after “much deliberation.” She shared that they had considered releasing photos beforehand and thought through many of the finer details, including how the time of day they made the release might impact its reception.

Min Hee Jin felt that the feel of the song was best conveyed through a video as opposed to still images.

Her secret to capturing interest is that it’s “not just about creating content, but also about how to present it effectively,” which NewJeans and ADOR were able to do thanks to their unforgettable debut strategy.

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