NewJeans Channels Y2K Fashion At Coca-Cola Event But Netizens Are Critical

Some trends are best left in the past.

NewJeans quickly became a fashion inspiration and influence to many teens as soon as they debuted in August 2022. It seems like the praise was short-lived, for their styling took an experimental dip recently, causing the public some confusion.

Minji walked out onto the red carpet in a bulky knit set. Her makeup was kept simple and sweet. Danielle looked adorable but many were confused by the reflective hat. Seems like knit textures are in! We do love that the girls are dressed appropriately for the cold weather. Haerin was covered up in a turtleneck and beret.

L to R: Danielle, Hanni, Hyein, Minji, and Haerin.

Hyein channeled her model aura in a leather jacket.

Last but not least, Hanni smiled brightly in a zebra-print hat and fur-trimmed jacket.

Overall, the girls delivered the perfect Y2K style, with many layers, low-rise jeans and long hair that frames the face closely.

But netizens remained critical of the style. While Y2k and the “high-teen” look is very popular in South Korea, netizens felt that NewJeans’ stylists took things a little too far.

Netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • “It’s shocking.”
  • “Even if they dress the girls up normally, they all look like princesses so they would be praised but they dressed them so weirdly that the only thing people talk about is the clothes.”
  • “So countrified.”
  • “The styling is so over the top.”
  • “Their stylist is getting more and more hard to digest.”

Sometimes, some trends are better left in the past!

Source: theqoo


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