News Anchor Claims She Was Unfairly Misunderstood for Participating in the “No Bra Challenge”

Im Hyun Joo first became world famous for wearing glasses on the news.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, famous news actor, Im Hyun Joo opened up about the controversies she faced for not wearing a bra and wearing glasses live on air.

Just last April, Im Hyun Joo first gained significant attention by wearing glasses on multiple occasions during news broadcasts, and recently, she stirred up even more controversy by participating in the documentary, Series M‘s no bra challenge.

Regarding her glasses controversy, Im Hyun Joo made the surprising announcement that as a result of the worldwide attention she gained for wearing glasses on air, she was selected to be the Korean representative for the EU.

She then went on to explain the details behind the no bra challenge that she participated in.

It was a test where the women lived their daily lives without wearing a bra while the men wore a bra, and even besides me, regular people participated in this challenge as well.

–  Im Hyun Joo

But Im Hyun Joo shared that the challenge was completely misunderstood and led to false rumors about her.

It was supposed to be for a good cause, but the news reports all used provocative headlines, and that made me very upset. And when I shared that incident on my social media, it got over 300,000 clicks and people misunderstood me as someone who was seeking attention.

– Im Hyun Joo

In response, host Bong Tae Gyu sympathized with Im Hyun Joo and used his wife as an example of how good causes rarely get mentioned by the media.

Good causes are very often not mentioned by the media. My wife once posted a photo of herself breastfeeding at a vacation spot in efforts to spread the word about a foreign campaign about mothers breastfeeding in public places. But the good intent all disappeared and all that was left were provocative articles.

– Bong Tae Gyu

Source: Insight