N.Flying Finally Has An Official Lightstick, Now Let’s Remember Their Iconic Low-Budget Ones

Unofficial potato lightstick, anyone?

5 years after debut, N.Flying finally has an official lightstick!

The dome-shaped stick is particularly memorable for its cute emoji face and sleek design.

Fans certainly like it!

N.Fia’s who have been with the group for a while, however, know that this is not N.Flying’s first lightstick. In fact, they’ve had iconic ones in the past that everyone loved.

The most viral one is definitely the Hot Potato lightstick from the era of the same name.

A potato lightstickβ€”it was the first of its kind. The N.Flying members took special care to make the first batches which they distributed to their fans.

The idols bought three boxes of potatoes each week to prepare the lightsticks for fans who supported them in music shows.

N.Fia’s even added paper “fires” so they could burn even “hotter”.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo even held one up during an episode of Inkigayo, showing the power of the potato lightstick!

Besides potatoes, fans also used pinwheels and stars to support their group.

They also showed off their clappers in music shows, exactly like the loud toys that children use for fun.

While the new lightstick is objectively a good upgrade, fans will always remember the iconic unofficial ones that they used to have.