N.Flying Replies To Fans’ DMs In The Most Unexpected Way

Warm like the spring.
In 2019, band N.Flying released a song that was part of a national Youth Suicide Prevention Campaign, titled “It’s Fine“. After its release, fans from all over the world began to DM the boys to tell them how grateful they were for the song, as it encouraged them to continue living, much as is the message of the campaign itself.

Unfortunately, being idols, they were not able to reply directly to the DMs, despite feeling both grateful and sorry for the people that sent in their thanks and concerns. Instead, just two weeks ago, the band released a follow-up song, “Flower Fantasy” as a sequel song as a reply to these messages. Member Hweseung shared, “The song’s goal is to be able to comfort people. While reading the messages from many people, I felt proud and warm.” Seunghyub, who participated in the song-writing, said that he received messages that told him that they were encouraged to work harder living life after listening to his music, and that he wished he could reply directly, but since he is unable to, he has written his reply in the form of the song instead.

Scatter, flower petals

So I don’t remember you

Bloom til the end

While dancing just for me

When I meet you

– Flower Fantasy, N.Flying

Catch their beautiful performance of the song here! The haunting oriental melody and powerful yet soulful vocals will soothe your worries.