Former 9MUSES’ Kyungri Looks Completely Different With “Idol Makeup” And “Actress Makeup”

Do you know the difference between idol and actress makeup?

Former 9MUSESKyungri made her transition from idol to actress, following the disbanding of her group in 2019. Of course, the transition was not instantaneous as she spent the next two years studying acting. Now, she’s ready to take on the world as an actress!

Netizens couldn’t help but notice that her look then and now was starkly different. It was chalked up to the difference between idol and actress makeup. In South Korea, idol makeup often refers to strong and bright colors as well as thick eye-makeup. Even “nnocent concept idols are seen with extended eyeliner and a juicy lip! Idol makeup also features a short and straight brow most of the time.

Here’s Kyungri during her days as an idol.

She was known for her sexy image, played up by cat-winged eyeliner and grey color lenses.

She was often given smokey eye-makeup.

However, after she quit being an idol, her makeup style changed drastically to suit her new domain. Gone were the long lashes and dark eyeshadow! Kyungri was given a more neutral look. Her brows were also drawn in “actress makeup” style, with a longer tail and slight arch.

In her new profile pictures as an actress, she is seen with almost little to no eyeliner, with some emphasis being placed on the eyes through the use of contouring instead. Her usual bold lip was replaced with a muted coral instead.

Emphasis is placed on clean skin and thin but full brows Her natural beauty shines with the look!

Many have compared her “actress makeup” look to actress and celebrity personality, Kim Sarang! Others miss her idol days.

  • “The actress makeup looks more handsome. I think it’s way cooler.”
  • “She suits idol makeup more.”
  • “Wow…both are pretty… I thought the last pic was Kim Sarang.”
  • “She looks totally like a different person though.”
  • “That’s right, the actress makeup looks like Kim Sarang?? Both are pretty though.”
  • “Pretty in different ways.”
  • “I couldn’t recognize her.”
  • “The second last pic looks like Kim Sarang. Both are pretty but she looks so different.”
| theqoo

Here is a picture of Kim Sarang for reference. What do you think?

Regardless of which look she’s seen in, one thing’s for sure! Kyungri sure is gorgeous.

Source: theqoo