Haters made fun of Kyungri’s bare-face, this is how she shut them down

Kyungri took to Twitter to respond to criticism over a pair of bare-faced selfies posted to her Instagram.

The Nine Muses‘ visual recently posted on Twitter about two photos that received a lot of attention. The two photos were uploaded just two weeks apart, but one received criticism while the other only had compliments.

“Same day but different photos.
One of these is being criticized.
To those who choose to judge other people’s faces
based off your own standards,
I am happy enough with my own face.”

Nine Muses Kyungri

In her post on Twitter, she revealed that these photos were actually taken on the same day, so very little could have changed the singer’s appearance, showing just how strange it was that people would criticize only one photo.

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Kyungri’s rock-hard self-esteem meant that regardless of how much pressure others apply to her to look perfect, the singer is happy and confident in her appearance. She has shown in the past that she is never afraid to show her natural looks, whether on social media or on camera.


While idols are often showered in positive comments from their fans, they also have to deal with a lot of negativity, and each has their own ways to handle these situations.