NMIXX Baked Cookies And Relatable Yet Hilarious Chaos Ensued

The journey is sometimes more fun than the result!

While baking with friends can be a fun pastime, sometimes baking projects don’t go exactly as expected, which is what happened to the members of NMIXX!

As part of a multievent special commemorating NMIXX’s first 100 days together as a group titled Baking Party, the members took on a set of baking challenges for their YouTube channel.

NMIXX’s Baking Party promotional image | JYP Entertainment

Members Kyujin, Lily, and Bae baked cakes in the first video segment, while Jinni, Haewon, Sullyoon, and Jiwoo made cookies in the second video.

NMIXX’s Baking Party part one | NMIXX Official/YouTube

The four members participating in the cookie challenge ranged in baking ability, with Jinni having the most prior experience.

For their baking episode, they decided to make s’mores cookies!

While a s’more usually consists of chocolate and roasted marshmallows sandwiched between two graham crackers, the ingredients can be reinterpreted into a variety of desserts, like cookies!

Classic s’mores | @jessicalovesbutter/Instagram

The chaos began not long after they measured their ingredients, like when they miscalculated the amount of flour to add to their bowls.

The loud and powerful hand mixer proved to be a bit difficult to use, especially for Haewon.

As the s’mores cookies had a chocolate dough as the base, Haewon and Jiwoo couldn’t help but make a funny comparison to a certain non-food item throughout the episode.

At one point, Jiwoo noticed that Jinni’s glove had busted while she used her hands to mix the cookie dough.

Separating egg whites from the yolk, a common step for many baking recipes, can be a daunting task, so Sullyoon came to the rescue when Haewon ran into trouble with cracking her egg.

Despite the setbacks, the members persevered to complete the steps for their cookie dough and get them oven ready!

The chaos was far from over, however! Jinni, Haewon, Sullyoon, and Jiwoo were surprised when they noticed their finished cookies had merged together out of the oven, as the dough rose and expanded.

Once the cookies were complete, Lily, Bae, and Kyujin stepped in to do a taste test.

Bae had glowing reviews for the s’mores cookies, decorated with marshmallows, icing and a variety of other toppings.

Look at that marshmallow pull!

Despite any mishaps along the way, in the end the NMIXX members baked cookies that they were proud of. What a success!

NMIXX Official/YouTube
Source: YouTube