NMIXX Was Confused When They Heard Their Debut Song “O.O” For The First Time—Here’s Why

They didn’t expect this.

It hasn’t been long since JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group NMIXX made their debut with the title track “O.O.”

The song received mixed reactions from the public, with some arguing that the sudden change in beat is overwhelming. But what did the members themselves think of it when they heard it for the first time?

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

They revealed their initial reactions on a recent MBC Radio guest appearance. The DJ asked them, “Is there a member who thought this was amazing after hearing the guide version?

As the leader of the group, Haewon spoke on behalf of her members.

Haewon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

According to Haewon, they thought it was a “really cool” song. They were, however, surprised when they heard the abrupt change in genre after the lyric “NMIXX,” which was originally a different word.

Oh, we listened to the title song well, and when we got to ‘O.O,’ it was really cool. We thought it was a song full of swag, but it wasn’t ‘NMIXX’—it was a different lyric. In the song, the genre changes after hearing ‘NMIXX.’ We were surprised.

— Haewon

The moment they heard the new beat, they said in confusion, “Hang on. What is this?

The MBC Radio DJ also noticed the difference, calling it a “big twist.”

There’s a big twist in the song. You were listening to it all the time. ‘Oh, what is this?

— DJ

Referencing the song title, Haewon joked that their eyes became as wide as O’s.

We were listening to the title song, and our eyes suddenly became ‘O.O.’

— Haewon

The DJ laughed and complimented NMIXX for doing such a good job with the song. It may have initially confused them, but they were still able to showcase their undeniable talents with it!

It’s definitely one song, right? That’s what I thought…but NMIXX opened the door so well.

— DJ

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