NMIXX Receives Praise For Their Stellar Live Vocals And Performance

Kudos to them!

Girl group NMIXX only just debuted but they’re already chewing the scene up. While their debut track met with some raised brows, no one can doubt that these girls are the rookies to watch. With solid dance skills and mad vocals, they’re total monster rookies!

They sang live during their debut showcase, leading to lots of praise from netizens.

In particular, main vocal Lily was spotlighted for her stable high notes.

This doesn’t come as a surprise given that she’s already been known as a vocal powerhouse from her K-Pop Star days. Sullyoon was also praised for being an all-rounder. While she’s been making waves for her stunning visuals, this proves that she’s just as talented to boot.

Something that’s really touching about Sullyoon… She’s really good at live on top of her visuals and her voice is refreshing too…

— @DD5MI

| theqoo

  • “They’re really good at live… Why am I touched that especially Sullyoon is really good at singing? They’re so good.”
  • “Lily’s vocal projection surpasses the backing MR track”
  • “Oh~ they’re f*cking good at live”
  • “Wow personally the live stage is more fun than the MC. Their performance is almost as tough as male idols'”
  • “Lily is just damn good”

Looks like we’ve got a new group to keep our eyes on!

Source: theqoo