NMIXX’s Lily Amazes Fans With Her Vocals After Singing Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”

What song should she cover next?

NMIXX is JYP Entertainment‘s newest 7-member girl group. They burst onto the K-Pop scene in February 2022 with their first single, “O.O.”

NMIXX in the “O.O” music video | NMIXX/YouTube 

One of the unique things about the group’s debut was how they decided to introduce each member with a cover performance. For example, NMIXX’s Lily sang “Finesse” by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B.

NMIXX’s Lily performing “Finesse” | NMIXX/YouTube

Her clear, powerful vocals immediately got fans’ attention, and the video has gained over 4,000,000 views! She also proved she could perform just as well live with a cover of Katy Perry‘s “Roar.”

NMIXX’s Lily performing “Roar” | NMIXX/YouTube

Recently, Lily went viral when it was revealed she would sing Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well” as the next guest on Lee Mu Jin Service.

Her voice matched the song perfectly, and fans couldn’t help but have the same reaction as Lee Mu Jin himself!

Some even hoped that Taylor Swift herself would notice the cover!

That would be a dream come true for Lily since her entire group has proven they’re diehard Swifties by singing her songs on live broadcasts!

NSWERs will look forward to hearing Lily’s full version of the song when the full episode drops!


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