NMIXX’s Lily Reveals How JYP Entertainment Grades The Attitudes Of Their Trainees

Is this something that all companies should do?

NMIXX‘s Lily recently appeared on the YouTube web series Lee Mu Jin Service to show off her vocals by covering various famous songs for her fans, including Red Velvet‘s “Psycho,” BTS‘s “Butter,” and more!

Lee Mu Jin and NMIXX’s Lily on Lee Mu Jin Service | KBS Kpop/YouTube

The namesake and host of the show, Lee Mu Jin, was blown away by her voice. He also took the time to ask some simple interview questions in between performances.

One of the things he was curious about was Lily’s days at JYP Entertainment, also known as JYPE. Since she survived many of the company’s strict and brutal monthly assessments, which dictate which trainees eventually debut as K-Pop idols, Lee Mu Jin reasoned that she probably always had good grades.

He asked her if that was the case. Surprisingly Lily said, “No, not every time. But, as the grades also involve attitude, the result continued to become better.

Curious, Mu Jin asked Lily to explain how JYPE considered the attitude of trainees during monthly assessments. It turns out that even things like how often they greet others respectfully or how much they pay attention in class factor into their scores!

Understandably, Mu Jin was surprised by the idea since, traditionally, grades are something more objective and measurable.

People looking to become trainees at JYPE potentially should consider and prepare for how they check the attitude of their trainees as well as their skills and talents. Fans can rest assured that idols that debut under JYPE are also the best in their company in terms of their personalities, effort, and hard work.

Watch the full Lee Mu Jin Service episode featuring NMIXX’s Lily below!