NMIXX Shines With Professionalism During Their Debut Trailer Filming

They know what they’re doing!

The members of NMIXX are quickly proving themselves as talented and professional young idols. During their debut trailer behind the scenes, they showed they have what it takes to dominate the scene.

NMIXX’s Bae, Jiwoo, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Jinni, Haewon, and Lily | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Bae, while cold, was excited by her opportunity to try something new and focused on this while she shot her scenes. Her positive attitude showed amazing maturity.

| NMIXX/YouTube

I will never have a chance to climb up the car except for today.

— Bae

Haewon was a bit nervous for the filming, but showed her determination by trying her best. She nailed it of course!

| NMIXX/YouTube

I should not make a mistake here. I will stay focused and do my best.

— Haewon

Lily showed appreciation for the set and then completely aced her dance section. Her talent is what should be appreciated!

| NMIXX/YouTube

The setting is so beautiful here. It’s like in The Beauty and the Beast. It’s like the ballroom scene there. And it looks really cool as we are with the dancers.

— Lily

Then, Sullyoon revealed that she hadn’t gotten much sleep, but was still able to show off her elegant visuals. How does she do it?

| NMIXX/YouTube

I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t sleep. So, I slept in the car on my way here.

— Sullyoon

Jinni, though previously having shown her fun side, displayed a super professional vibe as she shot her model-like scene. She’s incredible!

| NMIXX/YouTube

Jiwoo filmed her portion with lovely visuals, adding another layer to her cute image. We can’t wait to see her already incredible talent grow!

| NMIXX/YouTube

Kyujin proved how incredibly in sync she can be with other dancers and hit her moves perfectly. Her preparation paid off!

| NMIXX/YouTube

Though NMIXX seem to be having fun behind the scenes, as they should, they are also capable of turning on the professionalism when it’s time. These girls know what they’re doing!

Check out the full video here.