NMIXX’s Experiences Training With ITZY Showcases The Members’ True Personalities

Their friendship is too sweet!

Even though their debut has been met with mixed reactions, the company’s newest girl group NMIXX has taken the K-Pop world by storm with a huge following despite only just debuting. With so much talent, striking visuals, and stunning charisma, they are definitely set to be the next biggest thing in K-Pop.

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

As part of JYP Entertainment, the members of NMIXX have been lucky enough to train and interact alongside some of the biggest groups in K-Pop. Considering their age and trainee periods, the group has a particularly close friendship with the members of ITZY.

Members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

The group recently had their album showcase where they spoke about their feelings on debuting, their role models, and much more. Throughout the showcase, they also gained attention for their beautiful visuals and undeniable performance skills.

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During the showcase, the members shared what it was like to train with ITZY.

One of the first to praise the group was none other than Lily! The idol was a trainee at JYP Entertainment for many years. Because of this, there are many pictures of her with ITZY.

Lily M with Natty (JYP’s former trainee) and ITZY’s Ryujin at 2PM’s concert
Lily (far left) with ITZY’s Chaeryeong (center left) and former IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon (far right) | @lilympics/ Twitter

Lily explained that even when they were training together, member Chaeryeong has always been one of the stand out performers and was vital in helping her when she started at the company.

When I was a trainee, I practiced on the same team as Chaeryeong of ITZY. Chaeryeong is a performance master. She taught me a lot about dancing and helped me to perform well.

— Lily

NMIXX’s Lily | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

Member Jinnie also shared her experiences with ITZY, particularly her closeness with Yeji, with who she shared a dorm at one point. Even after ITZY debuted, it seems like the group was always there to cheer on their friends and give words of encouragement before NMIXX debuted.

She said, ‘This is the real beginning.’ Even now, we often keep in touch and get along with each other. When I see her sometimes, she hugs me warmly as if she knows how I feel.

— Jinni

NMIXX’s Jinni | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

Yet, it isn’t the first time the members of NMIXX have shared their appreciation for their senior idols, sharing how much they’ve helped the group. On an episode of Weekly Idol, Jinni and Lily shared just how much the group and members of TWICE had helped them as trainees.

| MBC/ YouTube
| MBC/ YouTube   

As expected, JYP artists always showcase their love and support for each other. ITZY’s Ryujin even shared her words of praise for the group before they debuted.

You can read more about NMIXX’s admiration for their senior JYP idols below.

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