TWICE’s Interactions With NMIXX During Their Trainee Days Showcases The Members’ True Personalities

They are truly amazing seniors!

Although their debut has been met with mixed reactions, the company’s newest girl group NMIXX has taken the K-Pop world by storm with a huge following despite only just debuting. With so much talent, striking visuals, and stunning charisma, they are set to be the next biggest thing in K-Pop.

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

Even though the group only debuted on February 22, they already made their presence known by appearing on the much-loved show Weekly Idol. Not only did they showcase their talent and visuals, but shared some TMI stories about their trainee days.

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In particular, as JYP Entertainment artists, they’re surrounded by some amazing groups. During the episode, the members spoke about how much the other idols had helped them during their trainee period and specifically spoke about their seniors TWICE, who debuted all the way back in 2015.

Members of TWICE | @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

During the episode, host Kwang Gee asked whether any JYP artists gave them any advice while training. Member Jinni was the first one to answer and couldn’t stop praising the members of TWICE for how much they’d helped her through some hard times.

I was living by myself in the dorm. I didn’t know much because I was so young and felt scared from being away from my mom. But the TWICE members kindly helped me to get used to things.

— Jinni

| MBC/ YouTube
| MBC/ YouTube   

In particular, Jinni explained that the members who stood out the most at the time were Momo, SanaMina, and Jihyo.

Yet, it was more than just the members buying food for Jinni, as senior artists usually do, but the words of encouragement. She explained, “They handwrote letters to me too,” and it wasn’t surprising that the other members and hosts were jealous.

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One of the NMIXX members who has been highly anticipated is Lily M, who has been a longstanding trainee at JYP. Because of this, she unsurprisingly had a lot of stories about the other idols at the company.

In particular, she shared how helpful Tzuyu was when she first started training.

When I took my first dancing lesson, everything felt hard and awkward. Tzuyu sunbaenim helped me out so much. I thought she was a very nice person.

— Lily M

| MBC/ YouTube
| MBC/ YouTube

Yet, it seems like Tzuyu is known for helping junior artists through their dance and exercise training. In a past broadcast, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong explained that she was struggling with her sit-ups, and Tzuyu suddenly came over and held her legs down to assist her.


It isn’t surprising to hear that the TWICE members are as lovely as fans expect. It seems like no matter what, the members always want to help their juniors. There is no denting that TWICE will continue to help the rising stars in K-Pop, and one day, NMIXX will do the same.

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