Meet JYPn’s Final Member, Lily M, One Of The Most-Anticipated Trainees At JYP Entertainment

She is besties with all your favorite JYP idols!

Since August, JYP Entertainment has been exciting fans by releasing teasers showcasing the newest members of their upcoming girl group JYPn. Fans were recently treated to a cover of “Finesse” by Bruno Mars from the alleged final member of the group, and she is someone fans have been anticipating for a long time: Lily M!

JYPn’s final member Lily M | JYPn/ YouTube

Like many of the trainees, fans wanted to know who the final member of JYPn could be when the video was released. Yet, unlike the others, many netizens already knew a lot about Lily M, and she is one of the most famous JYP Entertainment trainees.

Lily M, whose full name is Lily Morrow, was born in Australia in October 2002 and is the oldest member of JYPn!

| @JYP_TRAINEES/ Twitter

Although fans find it hard to find out more about upcoming idols, Lily M has been on fans’ radar for many years and has actually been a JYP trainee for almost seven years! For this reason, many think that alongside her position as one of the star vocalists, she might also be the group’s leader.

Yet, even before joining JYP, Lily M was no stranger to the world of K-Pop. In 2014, at just the age of 12, Lily participated in the reality series K-pop Star. During this time, she impressed fans with her vocal ability in tracks by Demi Lovato2NE1, and more.

| SBS NOW/ YouTube

After finishing fourth in the competition, Lily M signed a contract with JYP Entertainment and began her training. She made her first performance during the JYP Trainee Showcase 2015.

Since then, she has constantly wowed fans during the JYP showcases and cemented her status as an all-rounder in K-Pop. Throughout, she constantly put on amazing performances and gained attention for her strong visuals and vocals. In particular, one performance with fellow member Haewon gained love from fans.

Due to her long trainee period, Lily M trained alongside a lot of the current JYP idols, especially those from Stray Kids, TWICE, and ITZY. Because of this, there are many pictures of her with JYP idols.

Lily M with Natty (JYP’s former trainee) and ITZY’s Ryujin at 2PM’s concert
Lily (far left) with ITZY’s Chaeryeong (center left) and former IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon (far right) | @lilympics/ Twitter

She also made a cameo on the Stray Kids reality show back in 2018 and caught the attention of fans as a very well-known trainee.

In particular, Bang Chan has spoken a lot about Lily M in the past as a fellow Australian. She even did the vocals in some of the demos for 3racha.

Although not having even debuted, Lily M already began making her mark on the music industry, recording two OSTs for KBS‘s Orange Marmalade several years ago.

She also made her debut acting in the 2016 movie The Weatherman’s Umbrella.

Lily M and the cast of the movie | IMBd

As someone who fans hoped would be part of the group’s line-up, fans were over the moon to see her teaser released as the group’s final teaser. In the video, she not only showcases her dazzling visuals but cements her status as a true vocalist.

| JYPn/ YouTube

With all the members announced, fans can eagerly anticipate more information about the group’s name, which has been rumored, their debut, and much more. In the meantime, you can read more about the other members below.

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