No One Wanted To Be On This Produce X 101 Trainee’s Team, But That Didn’t Stop Him

He just picked whom he wanted.

On a recent episode of PRODUCE X 101, where the contestants got split into different teams assigned to recreate K-Pop’s favorite boy group songs, A_CONIC Entertainment‘s Kwon Taeeun had to pick five other trainees to perform SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap”.

Kwon Taeeun is the trainee who tried to cover Sunmi’s “Siren” but ended up getting booted to Level X in a previous episode.


Unfortunately, not a lot of trainees felt eager to be a part of Kwon Taeeun’s team. Most looked away or shook their head in rejection as he tried to pick out his teammates. Kwon Taeeun, however, did not let that discourage him from creating his dream team. He first selected trainee Nam Dohyun – even when Nam Dohyun tried his best to turn down the offer.


Then Kwon Taeeun picked out trainee Lee Hyeop, who in his interview revealed that he doesn’t know the song “Clap” too well and hence doesn’t want to be picked for the team. Lee Hyeop looked a bit shocked and confused when Kwon Taeeun called out his name.


Trainee Kim Dongyoon was also hand selected by Kwon Taeeun. While Kim Dongyoon tried to avoid being chosen by turning his back, it couldn’t keep Kwon Taeeun away from calling his name. When his name got called, Kim Dongyoon pretended everything is okay by turning around with a big smile and his hand raised.

But I really like the song “Adore U”, so…

— Kim Dongyoon


Kwon Taeeun also chose trainee Ham Wonjin. It didn’t matter how badly he wanted to avoid eye contact. Kwon Taeeun already had his mind set on picking Ham Wonjin!


Lastly, Kwon Taeeun picked trainee Kim Jingon who really didn’t want to be on board. Kim Jingon out right shook his head and said, “No, no, no” to try and shoo away Kwon Taeeun. But it didn’t work; Kwon Taeeun wrapped up his “draft” by picking Kim Jingon as his last teammate.


When all the teammates got together, everyone looked a bit depressed. Each of the five trainees that Kwon Taeeun had picked actually wanted to perform another song and had a different team in mind. But what was done was done – these five trainees will be performing SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” whether they like it or not!


While the unenthusiastic teammates could be more than discouraging, Kwon Taeeun playfully explained that he “couldn’t see well” because he has such bad vision and smiled it off.

I have really bad vision, so I couldn’t see which K-Pop song I was choosing exactly. I had no idea why everyone kept looking away. Now I know, I’m actually kind of sorry.

— Trainee Kwon Taeeun


Viewers are now calling this the funniest team picking in the history of all Produce 101 seasons and seriously can’t wait to see how this teamwork unfolds. Could the unwilling trainees overcome their differences and pull themselves together to put on a great show? Only time will tell.

Source: Instiz