Here’s Where The Motto “No-Sana-No-Life” Actually Came From

This is how “No Sana No Life” got started.

ONCEs often say that there is no life without Sana, but K-Pop lovers outside of the TWICE fandom may not know why “No Sana No life” has become such a popular slogan.


Sana’s bright personality…


…sweet, cheerful voice…


…sexy-cute visuals…


…and adorable clumsiness…


…are just some of the many reasons why Sana has become one of K-Pop’s most beloved treasures.

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It’s easy to see why life is much better with Sana in it, but where exactly did the catchphrase come from?


“No Sana No Life” is actually a play on words. In Korean, Sana (사나) is an active conjugation of the Korean verb “살다” (salda), which means “to live”.


Korean Sana stans coined the saying “사나 없인 사나 마나” (sana eobsin, sana mana) which translates to “without Sana, there is no life”.


English speaking international fans shortened the phrase to “No Sana No Life”. This abbreviated version may have been inspired by No Game No Life, a popular light novel series by Yū Kamiya.


In short, “No Sana No Life” has two meanings. It means that the Korean verb “to live” cannot exist with Sana, and life itself would be meaningless without her in it!