Nobody knew TWICE Nayeon could dance sexy like THIS [video]

Nayeon brought fans to their knees when she danced with these totally killer dance moves.

TWICE always put in hours of practice to dominate the stage with confidence. After all that hard work, Nayeon consistently blows fans away with her incredible on-stage charisma.

Whether cute or sexy, Nayeon can take any dance and completely make it her own!

Nayeon is a professional moving in full motion and never missing a beat. She dances with all her energy and brings her dancing to life with every step she makes.

After breaking records on music charts with TWICE’s song “Knock Knock”, there’s no time to slow down now. Multiple performances are lined up for the group, and Nayeon is not shy to take the stage front and center.

Nayeon puts feeling into her dancing. Her cute and sexy moves are filled with her love for the music. With added facial expressions, Nayeon manages to bring personality to her dancing, which makes it more unique to her.

TWICE’s bunny never fails to show her cuteness and have fun on stage. Nayeon feels the music with a smile and always prepares to give it her all in every performance. It’s not hard to see that she loves every second of it and so do her fans.

Nayeon is no doubt a master of TWICE’s choreography, things haven’t been so simple for fellow member Tzuyu, who had to adapt her routine because of her height. While others found that, even at twice the speed, they can still perform perfectly.

You can also watch Nayeon’s full dance performance of Beyoncé’s “Partition” from the TWICELAND Concert below!