Noh Hong Chul Shares An Update On His Condition After His Motorcycle Accident

It was a scary moment.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Entertainer Noh Hong Chul posted a series of photos on Instagram, showing us how he is doing after his motorcycle accident earlier this month.

| Pani Bottle/YouTube

Two weeks ago, a video on the YouTube channel Pani Bottle showed Noh Hong Chul getting into a dangerous motorcycle accident while traveling and filming content.

The video captures the moments right after he was injured and shows him rushing to the hospital—all while he’s making jokes and being the comedian he is.

| Pani Bottle/YouTube

[Noh Hong Chul got injured in front of us]

[Getting the help of Vietnamese people]

[War movie cliché]

On February 19, he posted on his Instagram, “I’m thankful and so sorry that every single person I meet is worrying about me and my accident.” He also showed photos of his healing process—from the bandages and bruising to the small and healing scars.

| @rohongchul/Instagram

He shared that he is okay and even joked that his comprehensive examination results were great except for his obesity. Noh Hong Chul has just finished filming on Jeju Island and considers himself lucky.

… I’m okay

— Noh Hong Chul




Source: Sports World and YouTube