10+ “Muggles” Who Became Instant EXO Stans After The Olympics Closing Ceremony

You slow down, then you speed up.

1. This new fan took on a brave challenge of catching up on 6 years of history.


2. When you go from “who’s that” to full on heart eyes.


3. In less that 24 hours this girl went from “not a K-Pop fan” to crooning EXO lyrics on Twitter.


4. What was once a Shuri from “Black Panther” stan account has now made room for appreciating Kai and learning Korean words.


5. EXO’s even drew in the dad fans!


6. EXO-L knew they had to make sure Ashton was properly educated in the subject of EXO’s discography.


7. No one can resist the call of “Growl”.


8. Who remembers the moment you committed to your bias?


9. Drawing in new stans all over the world, one amazing performance at a time.


10. Eyes emoji were flying around as EXO rocked the Closing Ceremony.


11. When you add “EXO-L” to your status of father and husband.


12. Their performance was truly a gateway into a new world for many that night.


13. Considering the hashtag #Olympics_EXO racked up millions of tweets in just a few hours, no one is surprised.


14. Music has no boundaries.


15. You know when this Michelle Obama gif comes out, people are truly bopping behind their computer screens.


2018 Korea Winter Olympics