North Korea Brought 200 Beautiful Cheerleaders To The Olympics, And They Danced To BTS

From Pyongyang to Pyeongchang, North Korea sent over 200 cheerleaders to support 22 North Korean athletes and 145 South Korean athletes as well.

Source: The Strait Times

The young women have been spotted continuously singing, clapping, and dancing in perfect unison.

They also wore these masks of a “generic good looking man…used similarly to the mask in ‘Talchum’, the Korean traditional mask dance”. 

Source: The Strait Times

During one of the events they were cheering at, BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” came on and made it look like they were dancing along to the popular K-Pop song.

The traditional chanting paired with artists like Kanye West and Sunmi playing in the background has brought a chuckle or two due to the juxtaposition.

It looks like the cheerleaders are cheering on their athletes with all they’ve got! Even at a hockey game where South Korea lost 8-0 to Switzerland, the cheerleaders didn’t lose their pep.

It’ll be interesting to see what else comes of North Korea and South Korea forming a joint female ice hockey team and marching under a Korean Peninsula flag!

Source: ABC News and Asia One

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