North Koreans Use This “Code” When Talking About BTS

They have to do it in secret.

A recent episode of Problem Child in House revealed how North Koreans talk about BTS in North Korea.

The hosts and guests were asked the question, “What is the code among young adults in North Korea for ‘Have you heard BTS’s music before?'” The hint was “backpack”.


The hosts and guests began guessing the answer to the question with “Did you wear your backpack?” “Have you ever bought a bulletproof backpack before?” and “Have you ever held a bulletproof backpack?”


Finally, Defconn answered, “Have you ever worn a bulletproof backpack?” which was the correct answer!


BTS is apparently is very popular in North Korea. But due to the censorship of a North Korean organization that specializes in monitoring Hallyu (Korean Wave), they have no choice but to watch and listen to K-Pop in secret.


Moreover, they cannot openly talk about Hallyu so they apparently use a “code” for discussions on the topic. As a result, BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) is referred to as “bulletproof backpack” in code and the question “Have you ever worn a bulletproof backpack? means something along the lines of “Have you heard BTS’s music?” or “Are you a BTS fan?”


Check out the full clip below:



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