North Korean Defector Exposes The Brutal Torture Their Families Face After Their Escape

The ones left behind aren’t excluded from punishment.

In addition to the nerve-wracking journey of escaping North Korea, escapees worry about the people they’ve left behind. A North Korean defector, Harry, opened up with Jubilee about the brutal consequences one of his family members received as a result of his own escape.

Harry | @kseolsong/Instagram

Harry revealed that his sister was what he missed most about North Korea and expressed concern that his actions would affect her. He shared, “I have a sister still in North Korea. That’s why I was worried about speaking in a public place like this.

That’s when Harry exposed how the government brutalized his sister for months because he escaped with his mom. “Unfortunately, my sister got tortured by the government because of our escape—for four months.

Harry’s sister was tortured for so long and so cruelly that she was never the same mentally.

She continuously rejected that she’s guilty. Eventually, she got mental illness from that torture. That’s why they released her.

— Harry

After the brutality he and his family have experienced, especially his sister, Harry can now inform others about North Korea’s happenings.

Source: YouTube
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