North Korean Defectors Reveal If There Are Citizens Who Escape Just For K-Pop

Their examples were close to heart.

How far would you go for something—or someone—you love? For several citizens of North Korea, hallyu is enough to leave their country for!

Jin is a member of BTS, one of the most famous K-Pop groups.

In the most recent episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, North Korean defectors Kang Nara and Park Yoo Sung were invited to speak about the Korean Wave (hallyu) in their country of origin.

Kang Nara (left) and Park Yoo Sung (right) | AYO/YouTube

One of the questions they reacted to was, “People say K-Wave and K-Pop are popular all around the world. Was there anyone who escaped North Korea for it?”

The two immediately answered in the affirmative, naming themselves as examples.

A lot! I’ve watched TVXQ and Girls’ Generation in North Korea.

— Kang Nara

What makes K-Pop so appealing to them is how different it is compared to North Korean music.

Usually, North Korean songs are about the party, but these songs are not catchy. South Korean songs talk about love.

— Kang Nara

To these fans, the uniqueness of K-Pop makes South Korea even more attractive. It’s so important to them, they’re willing to escape from North Korea to enjoy it more freely.

It’s a whole new world so I thought all South Korean people were like that and I can enjoy a life like that. So I escaped from North Korea.

— Kang Nara

Nara clarified once again that she, “Did it for K-Wave, really!”

To get to know more insider information regarding North Korea and K-Pop, check out the full video below!