This Is How Recent North Korean Girl Groups’ Choreography Looks Like

Have you seen one before?

As K-Pop fans, when we hear the term “girl group”, we’re mostly used to flashy outfits…


…addictive choreography…


…and modern tunes.

However, things are just a little bit different on the other side of the border. Ever wondered what North Korean girl groups are like? Hopefully, this will answer your questions!

It seems like North Korean groups favor longer stage outfits in flashy colors. Red seems to be a favorite! We also see a slight design of embroidery on the front. Perhaps to add some traditional elements?

They also favor simple dance moves mostly focusing on the arms.

Their lines and stage movements are as accurate as military men!

Have you seen a straighter line?

Their hair and makeup are kept simple. All of them have black hair, unlike the variety of colors South Korean girl groups usually sport.

Seems like the audience is enjoying it!

Just as a North Korean defector once explained about North Korean beauty standards…

North Korean beauties all have pale skin and rounded faces. A balanced body figure and lustrous black hair are also favored. Be sure to catch the video of the performance for a closer look.

Source: theqoo