North Korean YouTuber Claims Hyun Bin Is Considered Less Attractive Than Kim Jong Un in North Korea

North Korean defector, Park Yoo Sung described what’s considered attractive in North Korea.

North Korean YouTuber, North Korean Man, recently shared a video titled, “3 things North Koreans are scared of” where he mentioned Hyun Bin and how he’s considered less attractive in North Korea.

According to Park Yoo Sung explained that North Koreans are the most afraid of chubbier people.

There’s no such thing as a diet in North Korea, and those who are chubbier are considered wealthy.

– Park Yoo Sung

Park Yoo Sung elaborated that due to the wealth of chubbier people, the perception of beauty is different in North Korea as well.

In North Korea, only the wealthy people have bellies. So their standard of beauty is different from South Korea, too. In North Korea, men with more meat on their bones are considered attractive. They treat skinny guys like me as if I’m a mutt.

– Park Yoo Sung

He then went on to mention actor, Hyun Bin, who recently played the role of a North Korean soldier in Crash Landing on You and explained that he’s not considered particularly attractive in North Korea.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that Hyun Bin is considered handsome in North Korea. Someone like Ma Dong Seok who’s on the bigger side is much more popular to North Koreans.

– Park Yoo Sung

Park Yoo Sung added that that’s why North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un was made to gain weight.

The reason why Kim Jong Un immediately gained a lot of weight from his previously thinner frame was so that he could gain trust as an upper executive.

– Park Yoo Sung

In response to Park Yoo Sung’s shocking reveal, netizens are leaving comments such as “If I go to North Korea, they’ll think I”m an upper executive”, So that means Kim Jong Un is considered more handsome than Hyun Bin“, and “So that’s why Kim Jong Un gained weight“.

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight