North Koreans Instantly Fell In Love With Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun After Seeing Her In Person

Seohyun’s beauty and amazing skills have made even North Koreans fall in love with her!

North Koreans have fallen in love with Seohyun at South Korea’s Pyongyang performance where she was the host as well as a performer.

She introduced herself with grace and gave a short speech on the significance of the event in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Hello, citizens of Pyongyang and North Korea, I am the singer and actress Seohyun. I am very pleased to be your host for this significant event. I hope today can present an opportunity for those of the North and South to face each other, feel the unity and be deeply touched.

— Seohyun

The performers, including Seohyun, even received a standing ovation from the North Korean viewers.

Seohyun had previously collaborated with North Korean singers at the North Korean Samjiyeon Band’s performance as a special guest. It has also been revealed by a former North Korean citizen that Girls’ Generation was the most popular South Korean female idol group in North Korea.

| SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation is the most popular South Korean female idol group in North Korea. The dance of North Korea’s orchestra is also influenced by Girls’ Generation. The group’s accurate and synchronized dance moves, as well as the group’s less unique and less revealing image, were probably part of the reason Seohyun was chosen for the performance.

ㅡ Former North Korean Citizen

Apparently, some North Korean female students are even learning Girls’ Generation’s dance from their private teachers, proving the group’s popularity in the country. Over 80% of female students living in metropolitan areas are learning Korean dance from a private teacher and there are even dance teachers who teach Girls’ Generation dance moves.

Watch the clip of Seohyun at the Pyongyang performance below:

Girls' Generation