Not Even Rain’s Biggest Fan Thought He Deserved His Wife

Even though she’s Rain’s fan, she couldn’t hide her real feelings.

In December 2020, legendary K-Pop soloist Rain visited a fan’s home for a special episode of his then-new YouTube channel, Season B Season. The concept of the video was that Rain would cook for the subscriber with the best story relating to him. He was accompanied by famous Korean television personality Jang Sung Kyu.

Rain (left) and Jang Sung Kyu (right) on Season B Season | Season B Season/YouTube

The contest winner was a woman who claimed her online username was “Rain’s wife” and that she worked in the kitchen on the night of Rain’s wedding!

The pair made their way to the lucky fan’s apartment. As soon as she opened the door, she screamed and called for her mom! Now that’s a true fan’s reaction.

Lee Soo Jun on Season B Season with her mother 

She introduced herself as Lee Soo Jun. Rain quickly got to cooking dinner while Jang Sung Kyu interviewed her. She proved she was a real fan by showing she had a personally recorded concert fancam!

Lee Soo Jun and her friend Choi Eun Ji with Jang Sung Kyu on Season B Season

Afterward, Jang Sung Kyu asked Lee Soo Jun if she was devastated when Rain married. Everyone held their breath for her reaction.

She was disappointed…for the completely opposite reason! Lee Soo Jun thought Rain’s wife, Kim Tae Hee, deserved better!

The singer was shocked! But even Jang Sung Kyu admitted that with Kim Tae Hee’s status and beauty, it was understandable even a fan would be surprised.

Lee Soo Jun then asked who made the first move. Rain openly admitted he did. He added that it took him a whole year of courtship and rejection before she accepted him!

In the end, the girls still thought it was amazing he was so determined and patient, so he still managed to win some points back with them.

The rest of the night went without a hitch as the group enjoyed a delicious dinner. Rain even bragged that although he wasn’t a perfect man, he made up for his faults through cooking!

Check out the entire episode below.