This Is *NOT* TWICE’s Momo (No, Seriously) & Everyone Is Confused AF

It’s hard to believe!

TWICE‘s Momo looks so gorgeous here… or does she? Despite the incredible resemblance, the person in these photos isn’t Momo at all, and it’s been sending fans into a frenzy!

From the facial features…

… to the styling…

… you’d be forgiven for thinking these are unseen Momo teasers from a recent comeback.

In fact, Momo rocked the same hairstyle and all-pink styling just last year when TWICE released “Talk That Talk.”

Momo | SBS Inkigayo

But, as hard as it may be to believe, these aren’t pictures of Momo — and this isn’t AI trickery either.

The person in the photos is actually Sakuno, a cosplayer from Japan! Across Twitter, fans were in disbelief over the similarities.

Sakuno herself quickly took to Twitter to explain that she “just copied Momo’s hairstyle” and “dressed like an idol,” apologizing for causing any confusion. But while their hairstyle and outfit are a carbon copy of Momo’s, that’s not the only reason fans were bamboozled.

| SBS Inkigayo

From her eyes to her lips, Sakuno’s facial features could easily pass for Momo’s at first glance. Some hilariously suggested that even Momo herself would feel like she was looking at a mirror image.

One ONCE came up with a proposition we’d all love to see…

And another suggested Sakuno should team up with Momoka Nanbu, a TikTok star who’s known for looking remarkably like Sana.

Sakuno isn’t the first person whose looks have been likened to Momo’s. Many fans think that
Mutiara Azzahra, an 18-year-old singer from the Indonesian group JKT48, bears a striking resemblance to the TWICE star.

Momo has also been compared to Moeka, a TikTok dance cover artist will killer moves just like her…


沖縄旅行最高だしこのVilla specialeってVilla最高🌴お金持ち?とかたまにコメントで聞かれるけど宿泊してるだけだよ🤣ひとり暮らしでこのレベルはヤバい!笑#IAM #IAMchallenge #IVE #kpopdancecover #mirror #沖縄旅行 #沖縄Villa #villa #ヴィラ #沖縄ホテル #沖縄観光

♬ I AM – IVE

… and even Tao Tsuchiya, the actress who played Yuzuha Usagi in Netflix’s Alice in Borderland.

All that being said, Sakuno definitely takes the cake with her shocking accurate quintessential Momo charm.

What’s really fascinating is that Sakuno is usually known for a completely different cosplay: Rei Sakuma, a male character from the Japanese game series Ensemble Stars. Talk about range!


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