Nothing Could Stop BTS’s Jimin From Falling Asleep, ARMYs Can Relate

“Oh man, how we’ve all been there.”

In the latest “Episode 0” for Bon Voyage 4, BTS members came together to reveal the new season of this beloved series and decide on where they’ll be traveling. While most members got pumped thinking about the trip…


Jimin fought a lonely battle against sleepiness! At first, Jimin was actively participating in the discussion:


Though he did seem tired, with a slightly swollen set of eyes, Jimin tried to be involved in the shoot.


Unfortunately, as the camera caught, Jimin gradually began to lose his battle against sleepiness.


By the end, Jimin was uncontrollably sleepy, swaying side to side…


… and eventually completely asleep!


— Jimin


And ARMYs find Jimin’s slow-but-steady, gradual falling asleep to be relatable AF!

Oh man, how we’ve all been there. We know he tried. Poor baby.



Watch the full clip here: