Where Are They Now? Here’s What “Ending Fairy” Originator Jung Chaeyeon Has Been Up To

Here’s what she has been up to since DIA disbanded.

Jung Chaeyeon was once the talk of town during her Produce 101 era. She was the very first person who gave rise to the term “ending fairy.” During a group performance of Girls’ Generation‘s “Into The New World,” her innocent yet charismatic gaze during her closeup caught the attention of many.

Jung Chaeyeon’s ending fairy. | Mnet

After her promotions in I.O.I ended, she returned to DIA. DIA disbanded in September 2022, and Jung Chaeyeon moved on. What has she been up to since disbandment? Read on to find out more.

1. A new agency

Jung Chaeyeon signed with actor agency BH Entertainment as soon as her contract with MBK Entertainment ended.

2. An acting role

She quickly became the female lead for the K-Drama, Golden Spoon. She played Na Ju Hee, the daughter of a CEO of a broadcasting company. Although she grew up rich, when her father passes on, she begins to earn her own keep. Ju Hee strives to expose the evil doings of her father’s murderer.

Jung Chaeyeon in Golden Spoon.

3. Endorsement deals

Most recently, she modeled for ETRO in W Magazine.

| @j_chaeyeoni/Instagram

She also attended their fashion week show in Europe.

4. Clothing model

She’s been the model for many online fast fashion stores, including On and On.

5. Enjoying life

She’s been traveling a lot recently, including visits to Thailand…

| @j_chaeyeoni/Instagram

…and Paris.


As of 2023, she has not yet been signed on to any new drama. Fans are looking forward to her subsequent activities as an actress!