*NSYNC Members’ Feelings On BTS And K-Pop Resurface After Their Return To Music

*NSYNC were one of the most popular boy bands on the planet.

K-Pop has given the world some of the greatest boy bands ever promoted. However, for many pop music fans, their first boy group was likely one of the many active in the late 1990s to early 2000s, like *NSYNC.

Made up of Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone, *NSYNC could be considered some of the founding fathers of the new wave of boybands. Originally debuting in 1995, *NSYNC saw great success until their hiatus — marked by the start of Justin Timberlake’s solo career — became the group disbanding.

Over the years, they have occasionally gotten back together, but on September 12, it was announced *NSYNC would release new music for the film Trolls Band Together. 

Many may wonder if the group have ever talked about K-Pop, especially after Big Time Rush‘s Carlos lowkey dissed BTS. Thankfully, *NSYNC have only talked about K-Pop positively!

First, as many may know, Red Velvet appeared in the 2020 film Trolls World Tour. While interviewed about the film, Justin Timberlake talked positively about K-Pop, saying that its’ inclusion in the movie showed how music is a uniting force.

In the same year, Lance Bass was interviewed by Buzzfeed about what it was like being in a boy band in the 90s. When asked about K-Pop, Lance Bass said that he loves K-Pop!

I love K-pop. It’s so fun and it’s different. You know, something that this country’s never seen before. […] I think it’s fun because I like performances. So when I go to a show, I want to be entertained, and when you have that many people, you can have a lot of fun onstage.

— Lance Bass

When talking about BTS, he said he understood why fans were so strongly supportive, citing how it’s fun to see a group of different personalities working together.

Lance Bass | @lancebance/Instagram

In a 2019 interview with Elite, Joey Fatone offered some advice to BTS that actually seems to have come true.

Joey Fatone | @realjoeyfatone/Instagram

The advice is stay together. Keep going, and know that there’s other projects that you can definitely do, but if you ever do that, separate, take a break, and then come back.

— Joey Fatone

Finally, JC Chasez is surprisingly more knowledgeable about K-Pop than one may first assume. The artist has written for Taemin and NU’EST and said that what K-Pop acts do is amazing.

JC Chasez | Meow Mix

“I really like it. It’s going to happen for every generation, and we’re always curious to see what is that voice of that generation. I think that the new scene is exciting. The dancing is absolutely incredible when you watch the performances these days, and how they’re tricking out their performances. Even their songs, they have a different kind of magic about them because they have so many different sections, in a way, to create more excitement throughout the songs

— JC Chasez

With their return sure to be massive, it’s great that the members have always supported other music acts!

Source: Elite Daily, Buzzfeed and Billboard

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