NU’EST’s Baekho Proved Just How Much He Loves Fans With An Unofficial Fanmeet At Paris Fashion Week

Baekho immediately began a mini-fanmeet when he saw his fans:

When NU’EST‘s Baekho saw how many fans were waiting for him outside the venue at Paris Fashion Week, he didn’t hesitate one second to have an unofficial meet and greet with them!


On January 19, Baekho dazzled everyone as he attended the Dunhill Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week. Pairing a tan blazer with his bright smile, Baekho had everyone swooning with his intense visuals.


His powerful looks, however, weren’t the only thing that stole everyone’s heart. Before heading into the event, Baekho had seen how many fans had come out to see him and was surprised in the best possible way! Although he wasn’t able to stop and interact with them before the show…


He was able to after! After the show ended, Baekho headed back outside and immediately made a beeline right for all the waiting fans to start an impromptu meet and greet with them!


As Baekho began his unofficial event, he took the time to sign autographs, receive letters from fans, and even take some selcas too!


Additionally, Baekho couldn’t hide how much fun he was having as his smile grew bigger and bigger throughout his mini-fanmeet!


Even when it was time for him to leave, Baekho still wasn’t done sending his love to fans!


Baekho’s gesture has been seriously warming hearts everywhere as more and more fans drop more details about the spontaneous fanmeet.


Baekho really is the sweetest!

Source: Dispatch