NU’EST Reveals Which Girl Group Their Debut Song Was Originally Made For

The song originally belonged to a girl group and solo artist.

When NU’EST stepped onto the scene with their debut song “FACE” in 2012, it immediately became one of the most well-received debuts, with many people loving the unique song and its anti-bullying message.

Although it was the perfect song for the group’s debut and has racked up over one hundred million views since, they revealed there were two other artists who were given the song before them.

| @NUESTNEWS/Twitter

While discussing their debut song on MMTG with host Jae Jae, Ren revealed a fun fact about the track.

“FACE” was initially made for a legendary singer who’s also signed to Pledis Entertainment. Ren said, “This song was Son Dam Bi‘s originally.” There was another famous artist the song had been made for.

The song belonged to Pledis Entertainment’s veteran girl group. Leader JR added, “It went to Son Dam Bi and After School, but it ended up with us.

Since it was hard to imagine Son Dam Bi singing “FACE”, the show asked if the lyrics had undergone any changes before it reached NU’EST. JR quickly clarified, “No. I think it was a bit different.

Still, Ren managed to wow them by giving everyone a taste of how Son Dam Bi would perform “FACE” by creating a mashup with her hit “Saturday Night”.

See Ren and JR reveal that their debut song almost went to their labelmates instead.


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