Spring Cleaning Is Not In NU’EST Hwang Minhyun’s Vocabulary — Because Every Day Is Cleaning Day

He’s the king of clean and master of organization:

NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun is an incredibly talented artist, a visual king, and a super sweet, funny, and wholesome person. While everyone knows these facts to be true, there is something that not everyone may know — Minhyun loves to clean!

He’s delighted L.O.Λ.E with his neat-freak tendencies on numerous occasions…

As well as left jaws on the floor with his immaculate space (complete with the world’s most organized shoe rack) when he appeared on I Live Alone.

Minhyun’s crazy organized shoe rack as seen in “I Live Alone”. | I Live Alone/MBC

And his mastery of keeping things squeaky clean once again made an appearance on a segment called King Chronicles with 1st Look! In the segment, Minhyun talked about all of his cleaning habits from his unique way of folding shirts just so…

To his washing machine habits!

His love of keeping things clean he admitted, however, has made the term spring cleaning obsolete! Cleaning every single day, Minhyun just doesn’t need to do a big deep clean in the springtime.

Many people call it ‘spring cleaning’ but I don’t spring clean. Because I clean every day I don’t have to spring clean.

— Hwang Minhyun

Instead, he starts off each day making his bed before he goes on to dust, vacuum, and more making sure that his place is always spick and span.

Thanks to this habit, spring cleaning just doesn’t exist for Minhyun!

Minhyun is the true king of clean and master of organization! You can find out what other habits he talked about and more in the video below: