No One Knew NU’EST’s JR Had Such a Killer Body Hiding Underneath His Clothes

How can such a sweet face come with a body like that?

NU’EST recently held independent concerts in Seoul for three days straight where each member gifted their fans with special performances of their songs.

In particular, the audience screamed especially loud when JR decided to reveal the kind of body he’s been hiding underneath his clothes all along.

It turns out JR has been working out hard because his abs were not just rock hard but literally looked like a washboard.

In addition to his amazing abs, he also showed off his broad shoulders and sexy back that looked just perfect.


JR is known to have a very sweet and innocent face, so it’s no wonder fans were so surprised by this grand reveal.

The response was so overwhelming that there are even rumors going around claiming that that moment was one of the most memorable from their entire concert.

Check out some more photos of JR’s sexiness below:

Source: Dispatch and @trespassing95