NU’EST’s Minhyun Does The “What’s In My Bag” Challenge

He always carries this precious gift from fans.

NUEST’s Minhyun gave fans an inside look with Vogue Korea at his must-have items he carries wherever he goes.

On his luggage case, Minhyun shows off his colorful and unique tags that make it easy for him to locate his luggage when travelling abroad. He likes using his initials and bright colors to make it stand out.

I usually switch between different luggage tags depending on my mood.

— Minhyun

Next, he shows off his aviator-inspired sunglasses that he purchased in multiple colors. These are one of his go-to summer essentials.

He then reveals his small, crossbody bag where he keeps his smaller items.

The first thing he pulls out of his smaller bag is his custom AirPods case created by a fan.

My fan (L.O.Λ.E) made these one and only customized AirPods for me. It has my zodiac sign and it says ‘My Universe’ on the back.

— Minhyun

He then states he always carries around a lip balm, also a popular gift from fans.

I didn’t know that my lips are very pale, so my makeup artist always tells me to put on a tinted lip balm.

— Minhyun

Another great product for summer he uses is a cooling oil, which provides a soothing and refreshing effect when applied to the sides of the neck.

Lastly, he carries around a bucket hat for a “hip” way to disguise himself in busy areas.

Check out all of Minhyun’s must-have items below!