NU’EST’s Minhyun Reveals The Dance Move So Difficult They’ve Only Done It Twice

“We got it right once or twice.” — Minhyun

Thanks to NU’EST‘s comeback with their second full-length album Romanticize, their title track “INSIDE OUT” introduces a dance move they’ve only been able to execute successfully less than three times.

Of their favorite parts of “INSIDE OUT”, Minhyun chose the eye-catching dance move between him and Aron.

Using JR as his partner, Minhyun gave a demonstration: “I think the highlight part is… There’s a part of the dance where I connect my finger together with Aron’s like the scene from ‘E.T.’

Though making two fingers meet seems like it would be a simple task, Minhyun admitted it was far harder than it looked.

Even though NU’EST performed “INSIDE OUT” multiples times a week, Minhyun said, “It’s hard to get the fingers right. We only got it right once or twice.

To confirm its difficulty, Jae Jae and Ren gave it a shot to prove their chemistry, making them all laugh by getting it right on the first try.

While Ren and Jae Jae were able to watch as their fingers met, Aron and Minhyun have to look at the cameras when performing instead. No wonder it would be pretty tough to get it just right.

Check out Minhyun pointing out the dance move for him and Aron that’s much trickier than it looks.


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