NU’EST’s Minhyun Revealed Which Of Their Song Titles Everyone Gets Wrong

True fans know, but others rarely get it right.

When NU’EST revealed funny moments from being together almost ten years—such as the song they still get embarrassed to perform—Minhyun shared the song title that non-fans rarely get right.

Minhyun | @NUESTNEWS/Twitter

During the group’s appearance on Civilization Express, host Jae Jae couldn’t resist singing the iconic line from their debut song. Ren didn’t waste any time jumping in to sing along, “Bursting jackpot / Whatever they say, so what.

Naturally, they shared some little-known info about the track. Minhyun admitted, “With the lyrics, many don’t know the title song ‘FACE’.

Leader JR finished the thought by adding, “But, [they] know ‘Jackpot.’” Instead of using its proper title “FACE”, Minhyun demonstrated how everyone mixes it up by saying, “Do you know that song ‘Jackpot?’

Since the song is almost ten years old, it’s positive to see that people are still showing interest in the track and remembering its iconic lyrics—even if it causes a bit of a mix-up with the title.

| @NUESTNEWS/Twitter

Check out Minhyun and JR revealing how the mix-up happens.